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Jul 20, 2017 / by misswonderful216


Consignment Contract Order

  • All items must be pre-approved before drop off. Photos may be texted or emailed to Miss Wonderful for approval. Unscheduled drop offs will NOT be allowed.  Consignor will be contacted to arrange a time for drop off.  Pick up of item(s) by Miss Wonderful is available of a fee of $50.00 if located within 15 miles of the store. 
  • Consignors must present all items in clean and complete condition, free of pet, smoke and/or mildew odors.
  • The consignor is the owner of all goods consigned to Miss Wonderful until sold, or until 5 days after the expiration date at which time items not picked up shall become the property of Miss Wonderful.  We will notify consignor at the end of the consignment term.  Please keep a copy of the contract for reference. 
  • Miss Wonderful assumes no liability for loss, damage to or destruction of any consigned items.  We do not provide insurance. 
  • Merchandise will be offered at full price for the first 30 days. Miss Wonderful reserves the right to discount the consignor’s merchandise up to but not exceeding 20% after the first 30 days, up to but not exceeding an additional 20% off after 60 days. 
  • Miss Wonderful will retain 50% of item(s) sale price as commission. 
  • If items are found to be unsaleable, Miss Wonderful reserves the right to return item(s) to consignor.  Consignor is responsible for picking up item(s) within 48 hours of notice or item(s) will be donated. 
  • The consignment contract expires 90 days from the date of the contract signed.
  • Consignor payments will be mailed by the 1st day of the month, following the month in which the item(s) is sold.  


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